Monday, September 15, 2014

Anonymous said: hey, just wondering how your coming out process is going? if i remember right you were going through that a few months ago, yes?

Yes, well remembered anon. It’s an ongoing thing that is still happening. This might get quite long so I’ll put it under a read more.

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Anonymous said: Hi, I've been following your Undertones fic since day 1 and I just want to say that it gets better and better. I'm really blown away with where you've taken it thus far and I can't wait to see where you go with it. I hope you continue it and I hope you enjoy writing it as much as many of us enjoy reading it. Thank you.

Wow, thanks for the nice message. It makes me happy to know that you’re enjoying it because it’s a story that I actually really enjoy writing. And as for where I go with it, well to be honest, I haven’t even given any thought to the next part yet, let alone the rest of the story! We’ll just have to see where it goes!

Anonymous said: Under Lock and Key is fabulous. Can't wait for the next part!

Thank you, darling. Nice to hear that you’re enjoying it!

Anonymous said: Wouldn't the store that Hannah went in while the drugs were being placed in her car have cameras? Like, wouldn't there be security footage proving that she was inside while the drugs were planted?

This will be made more clear in the trial, but there was CCTV inside the store showing Hannah, but no CCTV in the parking lot, which means Hannah can’t prove that the drugs weren’t already in her car when she went inside the store.

Don’t worry yourself about the details of the “crime” just yet. It’s not hugely important anyway, and I’m in the middle of writing the trial (it’s a bitch to write!) which should clarify everything anyway.

Anonymous said: i don't know if it's just me, or has grace mentioned hannah a lot in her videos more than she mentions any of her other friends, a hidden crush maybe, but than again i may be a little ahead of myself, so what's your insight on the matter

I don’t think that Grace mentions Hannah in her videos any more than her other friends (certainly no more than she mentions Mamrie, and only a little bit more than she mentions people like Chester, Tyler, and her brother Tim). And even so, is Grace not allowed to mention little things about a friend without that automatically meaning that she has a crush? I talk about my best friends to my other friends and to my family, but do I have a crush on them? Nope. I think that it is incredibly unlikely that Grace has a hidden crush on Hannah (and I think the majority of the other people in this fandom will agree with me, because all of us know that shipping Hartbig is just something that is done for fun, not because we actually think it is canon). What I see from their videos is simply a great friendship.

Anonymous said: The last part of ulak was great! My theory is that Alma's drug thing is related to Hannah's drug thing, but i have literally no idea how that could tie in. Keep it up!

Interesting theory. But no spoilers! ;) Thanks for letting me know what you think!

Anonymous said: I really want to kiss your neck and make out with you for like an hour no questions asked

Whoa, hold on a sec, anon. I have several questions. Like who are you? And why would you want to make out with an internet stranger?

(Also, I’ve never been particularly into having my neck kissed, though that might be down to the fact that I’ve predominantly been making out with boys and they’re just bad kissers in general. Maybe I’d be into it more with girls… Anon, thank you for volunteering to be my test subject!)

Anonymous said: Do you have a beta?

Nope. All mistakes are entirely my own fault. I very occasionally get a second opinion on something before posting it, but that’s usually to do with coherency and checking that the writing is having the right effect on the reader, not for editing purposes.

Anonymous said: Any swarto coming up soon? My swarto feels are through the roof right now!

Loads. There’s currently over 12K words of unpublished Swarto on my computer. I’m storing it for a special occasion! ;)

Anonymous said: Are you really writing the game of thrones and hannah hart fanfic? Because that would be awesome!

I am and I’m so excited about it! (I’m tentatively calling the ship “Hangaery” but if you have a better name please let me know!) I’ve started writing it but not got very far yet. I have a kind of idea in my head but I need to priorities writing other stuff first and I’m also researching for it a bit because I don’t know a huge amount about the GoT universe (like how to spell half of the characters’ names! Why do they have to be such weird names?)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Under Lock and Key - Chapter 24

Hartbig prison AU. Previous parts are here.

- - - - -

“Come on, you dumb dumb, I’m hungry!”

Hannah folds the final item of freshly laundered clothing and looks up at Grace, trying her very best to look affronted.

“What did you call me?”

“Oh don’t give me that look!” laughs Grace. “I could call you much worse if I wanted.”

Hannah pouts at Grace, who just rolls her eyes in response.

“Don’t give me those puppy dog eyes, Hannah. Now, are we going to lunch or what?”

Hannah nods and walks side by side with Grace out of the laundry room.

“You know, I’ve always wanted a puppy,” says Grace, following her train of thought in the abstract manner that only Grace seems capable of. “I think it’s the closest I could get to motherhood.”

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Anonymous said: i really love "undertones". you are an amazing writer. please, don't you ever doubt your abilities. :D

Thank you, lovely :) I’m glad you like it because I really love writing it. It might be due to the fact that I haven’t planned it at all, but Undertones is always so easy to write and I always feel like the end result feels natural and unforced.

Anonymous said: Oh dear, a new chapter of ULAK *and* Undertones? You're amazing. :) Thanks for the updates, now I'm off to read!

I mean, unless I’ve been writing in my sleep, ULAK hasn’t been updated for days, but I’ll take it! Thank you! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Undertones - Part 3

So this is a train wreck that won’t stop happening. Still no idea where this is going, but that makes it more exciting to write!

Swace, SFW, SFF. Previous parts here.

- - - - -

Sarah doesn’t join them in the next city of their No Filter tour. Something to do with going to New York with another client. Grace doesn’t catch the details when Hannah tells her over breakfast in the airport. She switches off as soon as Hannah confirms that Sarah isn’t flying with them, nodding in the appropriate places, but more focused on the overwhelming sense of relief that washes over her with the knowledge that Sarah’s absence gives her a few precious days to stitch up the remains of her heart and continue pretending that she’s not desperately in love with her best friend’s manager.

“Grace, are you even listening?”

Grace’s head snaps up so suddenly, that she fears her head is in danger of flying off her shoulders completely with the sheer force of the movement.

“Sorry, what?” she asks a frowning Hannah.

“Hey, are you okay? You seem out of it this morning.”

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Anonymous said: hey :) have a nice day!

Thank you! My day has been kind of average. I went to the dentist which I usually don’t mind but I didn’t like it today. I hope you had/are having a nice day too, anon.