Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anonymous said: Du sprichst Deutsch? :)

Ein bisschen. Ich habe Deutsch in der Schule gelernt. Ich verstehe ziemlich gut aber ich spreche Deutsch nicht so gut, weil die Grammatik so kompliziert ist!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Grace has done so many really fantastic things over the past year; Camp Takota, HeyUSA, her new podcast, writing a book, not to mention launching an amazing and successful new channel. Let’s show Grace how incredibly proud we are of all her hard work by voting here for her to win the Streamy for Entertainer of the Year. Don’t forget you can vote every day until the award show on Sunday!

Anonymous said: I love the way you always slip Tyler into your fics

I love Tyler and he’s so fun to write!

Spoiler: Tyler makes at least one more appearance in ULAK and Troye also pops in very briefly in a later chapter. #troyler4eva

Tag thing

I was tagged by onemilliongoldstars, barleybean, hartbig4life and chocolatesyrupkitty which means I probably have to answer these questions.

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Anonymous said: Hey, i know you've been a bit down about your writing lately. But i just wanted to let you know that in my opinion, the most recent of ULAK was the best in a while. The characterisation, dialogue, ability-to-make-my-heart-beat-out-of-my-chest, everything was just perfect. So don't be disheartened, you're a writer and sometimes that means tearing your hair out at 1 in the morning, looking for the perfect word. I hope you enjoy your break, and rekindle your passion for writing.

I know that the last few chapters haven’t been as good as some of the earlier ones, but for you to say that the last one was better makes me happy because it took several attempts to even get a draft that I was happy with. Thank you very much for your kind words :)

Anonymous said: You do you. Don't worry about the deadlines - we'll still be here whenever you feel like posting. -- a reader who thinks you rock both as a writer and a person

Thanks dude :)

Anonymous said: Dude! DUDE! WhAt? wHaT? no no no no. Hannah no. why? why? i mean i get it... and like grace... but like oh no... she's innocent... HANNAH! ASDFGHJKL. (i think i died.. i love this story so so so so much)

This is one of my favourite messages that I’ve ever received about one of my stories (up there with the anon who sent me nothing but “swart-NO!” while I was writing No Regrets). I’m not sorry at all for the vast range of emotions you went through typing this message, but I’m so glad to hear that you like the story.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Under Lock and Key - Chapter 22

Hartbig prison AU. Previous parts are here. Sorry for the delay.

I’ve made the decision to get rid of the posting schedule for the time being. I know that this is massively inconvenient but I’m having difficulty writing anything worthwhile at the moment and I don’t want to either promise deadlines I can’t keep to or publish writing that I’m really not happy with.

- - - - -

“Go on.”

Grace gives Hannah a nudge in the back with her tray.

“Grace,” whines Hannah. “Do I have to?”

Grace rolls her eyes and pushes past Hannah to walk in the direction of the table that Mamrie is currently sitting at alone. Hannah has no choice now, because if she doesn’t follow Grace to that table, she’ll break Grace’s trust by choosing to sit at the table with her usual group of friends.

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Anonymous said: your swace fanfic is great and if you choose to write a third part i'd definitely read it!

General consensus is that you all want me to continue. Looks like I’m writing a multichapter Swace fic…

(No but seriously, I actually like writing this story and the added element of I have no idea what the fuck is going to happen in the next chapter makes it that little bit more exciting for me!)

Anonymous said: Hey. :) I've got internet for a really short while (not long enough to read your newest chapters - but I'll save them for when I can read them with some cookies) but I thought I'd stop by to say Hi. :) Hope everything isn't all too stressful and you enjoy your time off tumblr. Don't forget to treat yourself to some pie at times. Or at least the substitutes thereof. ;)

Hey! I had pie yesterday! And as for the substitutes, let’s just say that my birthday is coming up and when my dad asked me what I wanted I jokingly said “alcohol”. He took me seriously and I’m not going to complain at all!

Anonymous said: (Part 2/2) flow much more naturally (cheesiness and unrealistic dialogue was a minor issue in some earlier one-shots). Anyway, I love your stuff, and I look forward to more! :) Oh, and how many chapters are you planning for ULAK?

Thank you for this feedback. Messages like this are so worthwhile and it’s exactly what I needed right now. (Yes, I know that the first few oneshots I wrote are embarrassingly bad, but I’m so glad you think I’ve improved since then).

As for how many chapters ULAK will have, well I’m still undecided if I want people to know the exact number, but we’re on the home straight now. I can see the end (and no, not just because I’ve already written the last chapter and the epilogue). I will say that it’s one less chapter than last time I was asked though, because I chose to merge two chapters together. (This was a difficult decision that deeply saddens me because I like odd numbers and now there will be an even number of chapters!)

Anonymous said: (Part 1/2) In the past few days, I've had an intense craving for Hartbig. I'm so glad I found your stories--your writing easily calls to mind their personalities and mannerisms, all without feeling forced. I notice that ULAK is by far the best; the monologues

Anonymous said: Would you be interested in co writing a fic?

It’s definitely something I’d be open to. But it depends on many things. It would have to be with somebody who a) I could get along with well enough to be able to work constructively with and b) has a similar writing style to me so that it would flow as one story. And it would have to be a plot that we both liked equally.

Why? Is somebody making me an offer or is this just hypothetical?

Anonymous said: where is the next chapter of under lock and key?

Potentially tomorrow. I reckon I could have it finished tonight (providing nothing comes up this afternoon) but I might wait an extra day before posting it. Sorry to be so vague.