Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I get the impression they enjoyed this year’s collab more than last year’s…

Anonymous said: I hope you continue your Swace fic! I really love all those questions floating around in Grace's head. Their situation seems so common, for lack of a better term and I'd definitely like to see how it all plays out. :) your writing is just great.

I have absolutely no idea where I’d take the story if I continued it, but I loved writing it so much that I have got a couple of paragraphs of a part two written. It could end up happening!

Anonymous said: My heart that was so cute!

I’m glad you think so! :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Anonymous said: dude you have no idea how much agony under lock and key is putting me through!

Oh but I do! I’m the one writing said agony, remember? ;)

Anonymous said: Newest chapter of ulak was amazing :) thank you for writing it and thank you for being punctual :) hope you have a great day

Thanks and you’re welcome!

Under Lock and Key - Chapter 21

Hartbig prison AU. Previous parts are on my fic page.

- - - - -

Before prison, Hannah had always been a deep sleeper. She could go to sleep almost anywhere and at any time, and once asleep, it would take a lot to wake her up. Sarah once joked that their apartment could be on fire and Hannah would blissfully sleep through the entire thing.

Since her arrival at prison however, Hannah has taught herself to sleep lightly. It’s difficult to fall asleep in the dorms at the best of times, where the constant chatter and music from portable radios continues well into the early hours of the morning, but Hannah never lets herself fully fall into the deep slumber that her old self was used to. She can’t afford to let her guard down ever, not even at night.

Hannah wakes with a start at the touch of a hand to her arm, ready to cry out for help and fight her assailant back. However, it’s Grace’s face that she finds peering down at her through the gloom. It’s one of the rare moments of silence in the dorm, penetrated only by the soft snores of other inmates, so Hannah would guess at it being somewhere around five in the morning.

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Anonymous said: Reminder that you're great. Don't forget it.

Thanks. You seem pretty great yourself. Don’t you forget it.

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Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that I thought your Swace fic was spectacular and that I hope it's something you continue.

It’s not something I had considered continuing, but maybe I could be persuaded to… I really enjoyed writing it though so I think I want to write more stuff similar to it!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Swace. Slightly angsty, slightly NSFW.

- - - - -

Grace doesn’t care that her back hits the door with a resounding thud, not that Sarah gives her a chance to care, with her soft lips teasing Grace’s own the very second that the hotel door slams shut behind them.

They’ve waited far too long since the last time this happened, is the conclusion that Grace abruptly reaches, as she tangles her fingers into soft blonde locks to keep Sarah’s mouth against her own. And Grace knows that waiting is just something that they have to deal with when attempting to be secretive about this entire affair, especially when road trips with best friends and clients releasing best-selling books manage to unintentionally, yet obnoxiously intrude on any potential alone time. But sometimes Grace just thinks to hell with the secrecy, if this is what she is missing.

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Anonymous said: I am loving your hartbig FanFiction Under Lock And Key! Do you know when you'll be posting chapter 20?

Chapter 20 went up yesterday and I’ve just added the link on my fic page. Chapter 21 will (hopefully) be up on Monday.

Today in motivating myself to write: Every 500 words I’m allowed to read a chapter of yotoob’s Half Truths. So far today I’ve written over 2000 words. But then I binge-read four chapters and now I have to wait until I’ve written an entire chapter before I’m allowed to read chapter 9.

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Cute as fuck.